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Today, when searching the internet for the word tablet, the search results does show those definitions, however, due to a recent technological innovation sharing the same name, the top result when searching for the word tablet results to the touch screen-operated device that greatly resembles a flat screen computer monitor but shares the same inner circuitry as the touch-Smartphones. 

The idea of having a handheld flat screen device started during 1968. The great innovative mind behind such complex thought was a computer scientist named Alan Kay. To realize that dream, he devised a way to decrease the chip size and hardware pieces that are already present on a desktop computer. Also, he began to experiment the effectiveness of wireless internet connection and how a touch screen may help modern consumers. His dream became a reality when he unveiled Dynabook sometime between 1972 and 1975. Decades passed and a new great mind unveiled the product which we all call as the “iPad”. It shares the same description as Kay’s original device. The launch of the iPad in 2010 has paved the way for many personal communication device manufacturers to venture into the development Tablets. 

These devices can serve as an entertainment platform but more importantly, it can also be your personal organizer and a great tool to help you study. Tablets like what we offer come in a variety of shape, feature and sizes. Most tablets are often sporting a 10 inch screen display, but size is relative, depending on the manufacturer’s consumer studies. To lead you out of confusion, a device can only be considered a tablet if it features at least 8 inch vertical display and 6 inch horizontal display, when the device is upright. You will surely have a great time browsing our tablet device line-up. We offer the best tablets both coming from local and international. Operating System is not an issue as we have tablets running on Android System, Microsoft System and iOS. To top it all off, our tablets are subject to our daily sales. So, keep up with our latest promos and sign up today.

Tablet computers can now be part of your education, it provides students easy information on their topics and lessons as well. Even for business, there are so many applications you can download to help your everyday life. It is also very convenient because of its light weight feature which you can carry anywhere you go, very convenient when you are traveling.

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