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We know that sometimes, adventure goes hand in hand with danger. For extreme sports and extreme hobbies, your safety should be your top priority. Activities like mountain trekking, trips to the untouched mountainous paradise, cycling and many more can be more enjoyable when you know you have the proper tools to accomplish such feats. 

For “Sports and Hobbies” product category, offers survival tools and multifunctional knife sets. Waist Pack Water Pocket and a product line made by Mini Pliers complete this product line-up. 

All the products under this category are the definite essential items for any road trip. 
We have the11 in 1 Survival Tool Kit. This amazing life saving device combines the measuring function of a ruler, the sharpness of a knife. One corner can be used as a screw driver; opposite to the screwdriver is a can opener. The biggest portion is occupied by a bottle opener. It also has enough grit to act like a miniature saw. This tool is sporting up to six position wrench holes, a direction ancillary indication and a keychain hole. This great invention is made from stainless steel and very durable alloys to prevent rusting and maintain quality performance. 

We also have the Multi-Pliers MT 414, a multi functional survival and home essential kit that features a unique mini plier with a handy set of tools that gives almost the same results as the bigger models. The set includes a mini blade, nail file, pliers, scissors, can openers, small saw and a nail cutter. Models including: Multi-Pliers MT 502, Multi-Pliers, Screwdriver Set S 150, Multi-Pliers and Screwdriver Set S 150, Multi-Pliers MT 213 and Mini Pliers MT 704 can also be availed. Another multifunctional survival tool is the Mini Cutlery MC 100. This product has successfully combined all the necessary kitchen utensils such as spoon, fork, can opener, bottle opener knife. 

Dedicated pliers can also be purchased here at “The Bulldog” pliers features a wire cutting, splicing and screw tightening platform. This unit has a brushed aluminum finish and has grip handles that are not too rough on the hands. Customized survival knives can be yours without ripping through your pockets. We offer foldable models of Survival Knife K1-112, Knife K2 30A and Knife K2 336. These knives’ form and function have taken inspiration from the Gurkhas “kukri”. It has all the makings of a lethal weapon but in the hands of a responsible owner, they can be a reliable life saving tool. 

Adventure does come with a risk. Be prepared no matter the situation. Life is a big game and you have higher chances of winning the game if you have the proper tools and training. Sign up today and purchase your very own survival set here at
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