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In a nutshell, Smartphone refers to the line of communication devices that enables the user to make telephone calls, but also has additional features, which during the old days, can only be found on the first models of the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or a family computer. Those added abilities include: the capacity to receive and send electronic mails, edit and open documents, take pictures, record videos and sounds. It may also serve as a gaming or any entertainment platform.

Modern smartphones were born through the idea of upgrading the basic mobile phone models to the next level and develop a wireless PDA system. Basically, a smartphone is the combination of multiple devices that perfectly aids our everyday interactions. Arguably, Smartphones is the best representation of the great innovation in communication and information. 

As simple as they appear, inside workings and software installed in these portable devices reveal that they are comparable to that of a super-computer. 

What are the other things made smartphones different from cellphones? Well, it has a very different operating system. Cellphones use basic device operating systems. On the other hand, all smartphones OSs are designed to support modern applications. Notable OSs includes the Android OS, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft OS. 

Smartphones are also capable of running applications that needs high graphic processing softwares. Examples are 3D gaming and picture editing. Like the PDA, it has organizing ability, and due to continuing developments on 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi data connections, smartphones can also act as an internet browser and Global Positioning System (GPS). 

You may be surprised that despite all these features, these devices are considerably cheap. As a proof, why not visit Goods,ph’s Smartphone line-up and be on the know about the latest Smartphone offerings we have. 

To lessen your burden on what Smartphone you should buy, we already listed some of the best Smartphones. All in all, our smartphones are all Wi-Fi ready; all have comfortable screen color and display. Some may allow dual sim contact management. Most are using a touch screen-operated system but to cater to all kinds of consumers, we also have smartphones that let you input data or text via QWERTY keypad

We have products from what we believe are some of the best Smartphone manufacturers in the world. Our product line-up include devices coming from Nokia, Lenovo, Sony, O, Apple and Samsung, We also support local brands such as Myphone, Star mobile and Cherry Mobile. With our wide collection and great customer service, shopping for a Smartphone of your preference will surely be enjoyable. Contact us today.

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