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A shampoo is a liquid or cream preparation containing detergent or soap for hair and head washing. A shampoo is a type of hair care product that is applied to the scalp and hair to remove unwanted oil, dirt, dandruff and foreign objects. Latest variants of shampoos have added fragrances as well as moisturizing capabilities. A shampoo may also prefer to a liquid substance used to clean carpets. 

The origin of the term came from the Hindi word “chāmpo “which means to press, knead and soothe. The first formulation of shampoo was introduced in Britain by Sake Dean Mohamed sometime in 19th century. The first variants feel like soap but it was in liquid form. It was made by combining natural oil extracts and melting soap. During that century, shampoo or shampooing also referred to a form of body massage involving the use of Mohamed’s formulation.
Even before the invention of the shampoo, early modern human applied soap on their hair for cleaning as well as adding fragrance to the hair. However, the process leaves the hair to become dry and frizzy. Thus, Mohamed tried to find a way to infuse natural oil and fragrances to the soap foam. He had to create a formula that is dominated by oils and not by the rough cleaning foam of the usual soaps. 

The formulation of shampoo that we use today was introduced in 1927 by German inventor Hans Schwarzkopf. It is made by combining surfactants with oils and fragrances. By the year 1930, the first commercial shampoo became available and it goes by the name Drene. 

Today, shampoos are made by merging sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate with oftencocamidopropyl betaine in water to form a thick, viscous liquid. Ingredients  may or may not include salt, preservatives and fragrances. 

Modern shampoos share the same quality such as: pleasing foam, ease of rinsing, minimal skin and eye irritation, fragrant, low toxicity and low acidity. There are several specialized shampoos. These shampoos address a certain kind of hair ailment and age group. Such shampoos include and are now offered at

Dandruff Shampoos - These shampoos have fungicides to reduce loose dander. 
Colored hair shampoos - scientifically altered to wash hair dirt and not to wash away artificial hair colors. These are less acidic. 
Gluten-free or wheat-free shampoos - made for people with skin disease known as “eczema” 
All-natural shampoos - Shampoos with plant derived ingredients which are added to the chemical surfactants. 
Baby Shampoos - Shampoos with no-tear formula. 
Animal Shampoos - may contain insecticides. Most are infused with fur-shining additives. 
Anti-lice shampoos - contains killing agents. Applied in moderate quantity for scalp health 

Unconventional uses of shampoos include: revitalizing leather shoes and purses, lubricate a zipper, resize a shrunken sweater, wash houseplant leaves, lubricate stubborn nuts and bolts, remove bandages painlessly, Revitalizing our feet, substitute for shaving cream , to clean grimy hands, use to wash delicates and to clean brushes and combs.

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