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Looking for the fluffiest kinds, perfect for your master bedroom of guest room space design pillows? Then head on out to our “pillows” product category. For every room set-up, we have the right kind and design. Our cheapest variants are suitable for your bed space or mini motel business. For a room setting similar to that of a “Boudoir” or a private sitting room, we have square pillows, greatly resembling our living room variants. We provide online shopping for pillows that are not too high or too low Because of its affordability, if our pillows could not reach your desired pillow height, you can stack pillows on top of each other without spending that much. Of course, bigger pillows for your bedroom are also available. Add some personal touch to your child’s bedroom. These bigger pillows carry the same colorful designs as the living room variants. Bigger pillows also mean greater warmth, similar to hugs and fluffiness that’ll make you feel like your head is resting in the clouds. 

We offer pillows featuring design prints inspired by the random world of Looney tunes, the magical world of Disney and their famous characters, the adventurous and colorful life of Dora the Explorer. Design prints featuring the epitome of positivity and contentment that is Spongebob Squarepants and the true defenders of Cybertron and Earth- the Transformers. We also offer designs of cute representations of animals. We have pillows and infant pillow and foam sets sporting designs of animals known for their exceptional offspring caring capability. Animals like the Giraffes, all species of Apes and many more. Pillows are not only meant to provide warmth, slight elevation and comfort to our head and nape area, it may also provide the said benefits to your entire body. We offer pillows that are big enough for you to cuddle. also offers units of tube pillows. 

For no more than 5,000 pesos, you may avail of our jumbo pillows. With dimension of 36 inches in width and 74 inches in length, even a six foot man can transform these pillows into ultra comfy beds. Our pillows are infused with air beads, air foams, cottons and the occasional synthetic feather. Sign up now and begin to personalize your sleeping spaces. Make it as comfy and as vibrant as possible. Everybody wants to wake up great. Online shopping for pillows is made easier at Wake up on the right side of the bed by purchasing the softest, most durable, and affordable pillows here. An accumulated purchase of 1,500 pesos, entitles our customers within Metro Manila free delivery. We also deliver nationwide for a very reasonable charge.

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