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We must consider our Tablets and Smartphones as personal investments. Being devices of high quality and value, it is proper and necessary to protect our gadgets with the latest, fashionable and functional Tablet and mobile casing and covers. Tablets and Smartphones will function and work for your interest for the longest time if we, the users, made certain that all necessary care and protection is employed. Our devices can only remain functional if the inner workings is protected and if the screen itself is not scratched or on extreme cases—completely broken. Because of our gadget’s portability, it can be placed inside a bag or any vessel along with other things such as books, make-up kits, cellphones and many more.

This section provides the best covers and cases which are customized to perfectly fit a specific model. These covers are made from leather and sturdy synthetic material that are specially engineered to provide an extra layer of shock and pressure absorption. They also provide a water-repellent coat to ensure maximum finger and hand grip despite the presence of hand moisture and other environmental factors. Bumps and scratches on your tablet screen will worry you no more. Covers that may function like Tablet stands can also be purchased on this section. Our tablet covers comes in variety of colorful hues and prints that will surely reflect the user’s character. Some may have added physical features that may either be for aesthetic purposes or for added practical function.

Constant inside movements inside your bag may mean that sturdy things on your bag may accidentally collide with your tablet or something sharp may pierce through the tablet’s screen. Outside contact like people shoving you when riding public transportation may also lead to tablet screen breakdown. is one with consumers when emphasizing device security.

Tablet or Smartphone cases and covers are the cheapest and one of the best products that ensures device protection. Equip your devices with these cases today and enjoy the longevity and the return of investments that these protected gadgets will bring. Making certain that the tablet is physically protected is a lot different compared to Smartphone cases. Smartphones can be protected by our pockets alone. Tablets on the other hand have larger screen size which may be hard to store and manage. An alternative casing such as bags is good but having casing of the right fit, with properly placed button slots are perfect. 

Browse our mobile cases and cover collection today. For a low price of 450 pesos, you can have your devices properly guarded. Now that’s highest level of protection at a very affordable price.

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