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Communication, Information and Entertainment. Three things that will forever be connected to mobile devices and tablets. In a world where connectivity is the as important as breathing, communication devices are upgraded to unlock their innermost potential. Mobile phones, Smartphones and Tablets have been exceptional in providing portable versions of computers. In a more particular sense, we believe that among the three benefits that mobile devices give, communication is the most important. For that reason, we offer basic phones. The main premise of having these models is to stay prepared for emergency situations or to slowly introduce children and adults alike to the innovation that is the Smartphone.

The units we offer under the “basic phone” category are all equipped with state of the art signal receivers and supports calling and instant messaging processes. The main selling attribute of these models is that it has longer battery life. On average, it can last for days and even a week. As early as the 80’s, computing device manufacturers have started developing communication devices and organizers that are more interactive in terms of user interface. The field of science fiction seems to strengthen the want of consumers to have touch-enabled devices. Regardless of patent issues and the ongoing debate as to who and what company created the first “touchphone”, Apple is without a doubt, the first brand to gain commercial success on selling touch phones. Now that we have mentioned apple, the steady market for their line of communication device, the iPhone, made realize that affordability is not for everybody. Kidding aside, we offer the world renowned iPhone models from the different manufacturing generation.

In terms of price, we sell these products for a lesser price. Always ready to serve as an alternative to the iPhone are the extensive number of Android devices. With Samsung leading the charge, consumers are now given the same service and features, plus they’re less expensive. It also has access to android-compatible versions of third party applications. also represents the best and the most affordable android mobile and tablet devices made by Cloudfone, Gionee, My phone, Cherry Mobile, Starmobile, HTC, ARC, Sony, Lenovo, O, Acer and Huawei. 

The entertainment value of mobile devices and tablet is not only limited to gaming. These devices also support media playing and are equipped with sound and graphic chips, enabling them to function as your portable mini-movie machine.In spite of all these features, manufacturers are still making improvements, especially on battery life, adjustments on system specifications and additional functions. maintains promo sales and big discounts for mobiles and tablets. Our manufacturers promise value for every centavo you spent or will spend. also covers the manufacturer’s warranty. knows how essential these devices are to our everyday processes. So sign up now, talk to us and you may have the Smartphone or Tablet you want and need for a discounted price.

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