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What is a Pinoy without his or her love for Karaoke?  Filipinos are gaining recognition all over the world for being the most passionate singers. We sing from the heart and social studies suggest that the Filipinos love “biritan” is because we believe that having a partially louder singing voice would give us a higher score on the karaoke machine. 

Almost every household has a karaoke machine. On rural areas, a businessman normally owns one unit and can be rented for an entire day. Karaoke maybe a Japanese invention but Filipinos embraced this machine like one of our own.  Karaoke machines have been a part of our culture or Kultura. K is for Kultura. With a microphone on hand, Filipinos show their showmanship and with a few drinks, all inhibitions will be gone. Karaoke sessions, the Filipino way, is one of the many ways we show how hospitable we are to our guest. We respect their song choices and the enjoyment of one is contagious with a karaoke machine at your disposal. Having a Karaoke machine may also mean “ultimate throwback machine”. Songs as early as the foundation of modern music production can be sung. Nursery rhymes even. Modern karaoke machines, such as those offered at runs via a digital memory storage system. You can delete and add karaoke songs with the aid of the computer. That means the AR in kARaoke means that it is an all around entertainment machine that knows no age demographic.

A is for awesome. We mean come on, who wouldn’t want to try this amazing machine. Awesomely cheap for as low as P 2,000.00, with peripherals such as microphones offered for as low as 400 pesos each. Maintains minimal electricity consumption.  You may be a total performer, but the karaoke machines can outperform you in terms of endurance.

OK-is how you will feel after your karaoke session. If Budlight is a machine, it would be a karaoke system. It is the best entertainment machine for whatever happens. Lastly E is for economical. Aside from 2,000-peso models, will also have selection of karaoke systems with much higher digital memory capacity.KY KHM-150 is one machine that may appear expensive but will be totally worth it.  In the same manner, Platinum A10 SD Card Wired Microphone Karaoke Player, Platinum BRAVO WIRELESS MICROPHONE and Platinum BMB One are expensive but when every member of the household is contributing, you can get these models with less financial burden.

Otherwise, there are also great alternatives. You can own unit models like the Xenon PRO XM80W, XM58W Professional VHF Dual Wireless Microphone, Platinum PTWM001, Platinum Nano and Xenon PRO XA620 Karaoke Amplifier with USB SD Card Slot and 2 Mic Inputs for as no more than P 5, 000.00.

Sign up now and order your very own Karaoke system. Avail of our free delivery promo for Metro Manila Customers by placing a single order worth P 999.00.

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