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Household management also emphasizes on the need to do whatever it takes to rid of house pests, insects, rodents, dengue-carrying mosquitoes and cockroaches. In this usual house problem, we must consult the scientific diagram, which we call the “food chain”. This circle of life chart tackles the most savage way of environmental interaction between several fauna’s in our ecosystem.

Even pests or those rodents who has no environmental benefit whatsoever are integral factors on the said life process. However, the food chain also suggests that to prove that you are in fact mightier than other creatures; you must eat them, which unfortunately humans cannot do. The food chain may not be always applicable in an urban setting. Yet, humans are left with the task of eliminating household pests for the betterment of life, in one way or another. Even if the food chain implies that humans are the apex predator, there is a better way to rid of house pests. introduces online shopping for insecticides. This is the safest and most effective way of reducing house pest population. Let’s face it, we cannot eliminate them totally, but we can lessen their numbers by purchasing insect spray killers, mosquito coils and rodent poison.

Online shopping for insecticides here at gives you selection of proven and quality products made by Kwik, Bayer Racumin, Baygon and Human Nature. For variants made by Kwik, you may choose from Kwik Multi Insect Killer Water Based 300ml blue, Kwik Cockroach Killer 300ml green and Kwik Cockroach Killer 300ml pink. Every color variant has a certain after-application scent. You can also order rat poison of different pack sizes. covers 50 gram up to a hundred gram pack. Arm your household with the most trusted mosquito coil brand –Baygon. You can go Online shopping for insecticides here at and get the Baygon Coil Anti Dengue Mosquitos 125g or Baygon Kidlat Katol Fast Action Floral scent 125g. Spray-on insecticides also from Baygon are available. offers the Bagyon ANTI dengue Mosquito Killer 198g, BAYGON COCKROACH KILLER AERO 258g, Baygon Multi Insect Killer 600mL and Baygon Anti Dengue Mosquito Killer 500mL Human Heart Nature Furry Kind Natural Coco mutt Shampoo 500ml is a special insecticide, specially formulated to rid of dog lice.

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