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Every house has a distinct scent. Every household uses different combinations of detergents, fabric softerners. We cook different food in different techniques. Even our cologne or perfume preferences are different despite sharing the same influence and living in the same house. Sometimes, we long for the comforting, more familiar scents of our domicile on long vacations. 

House scents makes every house unique as much as the people living within them. Let’s just say that this strange natural occurrence adds better home identity and sense of belongingness. One thing is for sure though; everybody loves to have a fresh smelling home. A house that is pleasant to the nose and presentable to the eyes translates to the talent or skills that homemakers have. Luckily, you won’t have to be an experienced home maker to add a vibrant feel to your homes. All it takes is a few sprays to experience the freshness that orange farmers experience every harvesting season. The best thing is…you won’t have to wait for the harvesting season, just order home fragrances at our site.

Every home maker should look out for the well- being of every house occupant, which includes the occasional visitors. Here in the family- oriented culture of our country, most home makers are close relatives, trusted kasambahays and even parents. 

Home makers have the duty of making sure that everything is safe, home keeping processes must be more convenient for them and every one living within its bounds. It involves keeping every room clean as much as possible. It also involves keeping the airspace clean.  Glade is the most trusted brand when it comes to home and car fragrance. We offer variants of Apple, Orange, Lavender, Lemon and many more. 
Don’t let the bed bugs bite. offers Giga Naturally Room and Linen Spray with essences of jasmine, orange, vanilla, green tea, lavender and Chamomile. Linen sprays also help in soothing the nerves before tucking yourself to sleep. 

Our site also offers Air Humidifiers with casings resembling fruits, trees and  adorable interpretation of wild animals and the human understanding on the appearance of extra-terrestrial beings. Air humidifiers create a fairly humid environment that can negate unwanted odors. With fruit and fragrant extracts, you can create artificial scents with calming or energizing effects.

Every house still has a special, unique smell. But, it’s nice to know that there are ways we can share the same scents. Place your orders on home fragrances here at
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