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Aside from shampoos and conditioners, hair care uses varieties of tools and other additives to make our hair look more energized, silky, soft and more manageable. Since day one, has offered the best hair care products on this product category. is the online shop for your complete hair care needs. Hair care processes will not be complete without the necessary tools. For this reason, we now offer blowers, hair iron, hair treatment formula, daily scalp moisturizers and hair colors. 

Among the products we offer under this category is the “Esthetic House Hair Treatment CP-1”. This comes with a syringe designed for pinpoint application of the hair care oils and protein infused hair treatment formula that Esthetic House specially developed. Once empty, you may still use the syringe for precise application of other variants of hair care products coming in a liquid or semi-liquid form. 

And what are the creams or formulations will you apply? took the liberty of offering some of best hair care treatment products. This includes a line of specially made shampoos, conditioners, nutritive serums with hair thickening fibers. 

To lessen the activation time of hair care oils, you may purchase ceramic hair caps. This product encloses your head in a warm environment to reduce the time it takes for your scalp to absorb the healthy oils. Hair care also involves scalp care and this cap is certainly an agent for the said process. 

Naturally, it takes more time to air dry hair with longer lengths. In today’s working world, the duration of naturally air drying your hair can mean the difference between arriving at work on time or not. It is important to save every minute or every second. Arm yourself with power-efficient hair dryers. These tools not only decreases the time it takes to dry your hair, it also allows us to start the styling process. We have hair dryers with portable turbo drying action and dryers with customizable air nozzle. 

Speaking of hair styling, been longing for the Hollywood wavy look? You can now do it by yourself, thanks to hair curlers. offers these hairs styling apparatus for a discounted price. We ensure maneuverability and ease of use on our curling irons. The models we offer come with multiple user settings. 

Last but definitely not least, this line-up offers hair coloring products. These are chemically safe and pose no threat to your scalp and skin. We offer variants promising results of milk tea brown, jewel pink, mocha orange, casis berry and the color of antique rose. 

Style, hair and scalp care products can now be yours at a discounted price. Sign up now and purchase hair treatment and hair styling apparatus only here at
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