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Sometimes, the hardest thing to do on your android or Smartphone device is inputting words correctly. No matter how we sugarcoat it, the autocorrect feature or suggestion boxes are simply not enough. To solve that problem, cellphone manufacturers most notably Samsung, Cherry Mobile and Alcatel, Nokia and Starmobile , still created Smartphones that lets you get the best of a touch screen Smartphone and the pinpoint texting or typing accuracy of traditional basic phones.

Introducing, the “Feature Phone” product line up. The phones included in this category ranges from QWERTY phones and basic phones with the added entertainment value of a television. By adapting the hardware keypad of the basic cellphone design, phones under this category are the ideal texting tools or just for having a trusty communication device.

QWERTY phone keypads share the same key arrangement as the QWERTY English computer keyboard. These pattern makes most QWERTY phones larger compared to touch screen operated Smartphone units. Originally, most QWERTY devices are used as transition devices. By adding some touchscreen-enabled processes, like pressing the actual screen to unlock keys, these devices serves as a tool to ready or introduce consumers for the upcoming trend of touch screen- based cellphones. Today, these transition devices lived on and have their own category on Mobile device product line-up.

Aside from external keypad, some Smartphones can be considered a QWERTY device if it has the ability to support or display similar keypad arrangement on their touch screen system. As of the moment, has limited suppliers for Feature Phone devices. These phones, despite the limited line-up promises value for your money. All QWERTY phones passed all our quality and affordability tests. These are some of the most competitive brands. Aside from easier typing, all our Feature Phone units run on a competent processor, some are Wi-Fi ready, has multimedia support capacities and has a built-in social messaging application.

If you are more used to texting via multiple keypad taps, happily offers basic feature phones, with television attachments for a very affordable price. A little short on budget?  We also offer these phones for only 800 pesos. They will be equipped with a back camera.

Check out the best “Feature mobile phones” via our website. Fill your virtual cart with these devices for your loved ones or for your personal use. While you’re there, might as well check other products under our Mobile Device Category. Sign up, log-in and get the best online shopping experience.

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