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They say every house has its unique vibe and smell. Whether it’s true or not, knows that there is that particular day in a month where our homes will smell awful, especially when all the females in your family, dorm or any living space have synchronized menstrual schedules. That’s just scenario number one. 

The stench after every cooking may sometimes be irritable to our noses. Not all houses will have access to range hoods. But there is a cheaper way to rid of that unwanted kitchen smell.  Along with the upgrade of our product selection, you can now go online shopping for disinfectants at

We cover odor-neutralizing sprays made by internationally recognized brands like Glade, Lysol, Domex, Pledge and Ambipur. With’s brand of customer care, we now offer their products at a competitive price.

We have broad selection on almost air spray variants, coming in different containment sizes and each and every scent designed to add a different vibe and energy to your homes. You may choose from a garden like scent, lemon, apple, lavender, jewy essences of morning grass and sporty essences. We offer these products in different modes of application—from classic air spray to stationary containers and wall attachments. 

Our selection of disinfectants also covers linen sprays and furniture sprays. These disinfectants are capable of Adsorbing unwanted smells from night sweats and more. Linen sprays are also effective to rid of bed bugs but be sure to apply just enough since other bacteria prefer moist environments as breeding grounds. Home management experts suggest just one spray per two square feet is enough. Purchase linen sprays made by Giga Naturally, Vanilla and Co and alternatives form the same makers of our air spray selection.

Cleansers designed to remove even the strongest stains, be it charcoal or paint are also offered here for less.  Online shopping for disinfectants also involves buying products aimed to maintain clean bathroom tiles and toilet seat. To reduce cleaning efforts but produce greater results, get the Lysol cling bowl cleaner of different containment sizes and after-scents. Cleansers designed to remove even the strongest stains, be it charcoal or paint on dresses, utensils and ceramic tiles are also offered here for less.
With us, your particular home management needs are just a click of the mouse away.  As luxurious as they may seem, these disinfecting products will fit your budget.  Browse our digital aisles, offering vast selections of truly useful products and place your orders now. 
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