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The start of doing the laundry is selecting the best detergents, bleaches and fabric conditioners. As consumers, we have different specifications on what fabric cleaning product is the best. Good thing though is that covers all types of fabric cleansing materials and manufacturers. Be it Tide, Ariel Pride, Champion, Surf, Glide, Downy and Del--we have them all. 

We have variants of a single detergent. The most basic difference is the form. We have bar soaps and we also cover products that come in a powdered formulation. Speaking of powdered detergents, you must be familiar on which type is safe for hand scrubbing and what types are harsh to the skin. All powdered detergents are washing machine compatible but only a select few are gentle to the skin. For our powdered detergent product line up, we mostly offer the types that are both washing machine compatible and gentle for the skin. 

Sometimes (or most of the times), washing machines can only remove dust particles or on worst cases, it can only reduce dirt—not completely remove it. For that matter, housekeepers must arm themselves with bar soaps to amplify and quicken the fabric cleaning process. Our bar soaps are guaranteed to leave a lasting sweet, fruity or any intended scent to your clothes. Our bar soaps are now developed to produce and leave aromatic essences even without needing activation from the natural noon sun. Here at, we have bar soaps that come in four, linked bars and those individually packed, slightly larger bar soaps. Both our bar and powdered detergent contains anti-microbial properties, though some brands are infused with more of the said cleaning and disinfecting agent. 

As stated, our detergents be powdered or bar are guaranteed to leave aromatic scents to your clothes. Yet, more housekeepers want more intense after wash essences. To satisfy your “craving” for a much aromatic after wash scent, also sells fabric conditioners. Aside from giving a more lasting refreshing scent, its primary function is to soften the fabric for faster ironing or no ironing at all. Our fabric conditioners can imitate the natural aroma of flowers and fruits. Your office clothes and school uniforms will surely benefit from our fabric conditioners. Imagine, the need for additional perfume and cologne spray is greatly reduced. 

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