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Shared responsibility is what builds a united family. Shared needs is the idea behind the foundation of From appliances to house cleaning tools, we have it all. anchors its services to the most basic human need of consumerism. What your household needs, provides. is the leading online shopping site in the Philippines that offers grocery items for a discounted price. That means, like your average grocery store, we have household cleaning materials. The most basic housekeeping process is washing the dishes. To help you clean those dirty utensils, cooking vessels and plates, we offer dishwashing paste made by the same manufacturers you trust. All our dish washing formulation comes with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Some are infused with vitamin A, for a much gentler dish washing process. You may avail of this product in liquid or semi-solid form. 

Household cleanliness sometimes mean that you must do whatever it takes to rid of pests, insects, especially cockroaches, rodents and dengue-carrying mosquitoes. The food chain talks about how humans are the apex predator. But the food chain involves eating lesser-grade creatures. Luckily, we do not have to prove our claim as the apex predator. Spraying chemicals on your “prey” is all that it needs to rid of house pests. Purchase insecticides only here at We also have mosquito coil and anti- rodent food.—by food, we mean poison. 

Floor waxes, air and disinfectant sprays can also be purchased on our site. Toiletries are included on our extensive line of grocery products. We offer multi-purpose bleach formulation that can be used in washing clothes down to cleaning bathroom tiles and the toilet seat itself. But, household keepers still prefer a dedicated toilet cleaning product rather than using bleach. For clogged toilets and blocked drainage system, if bleach does not do the trick, bring out the Liquid Sosa Formula. 

Here at, you may purchase consumable goods together with cleaning products. We ensure proper packaging and delivery so no cleaning product essence is mixed with your snacks, bread and cereal boxes. 

Sign up now and make the shopping transition today. We deliver at a very affordable price. An accumulated purchase of 1,500 pesos, grants our customers of our free delivery policy. Household sanitation and cleanliness are as important as keeping your food clean for human consumption. House cleaning is probably the one trait that separates man from animals. Remember the time/s when your mom or roommate compared you to a “snake”, since you leave your room and your used plates and utensils as you please and where you please. Well, for parents, its start to teach your children cleaning responsibilities ---and for the children, do your part on maintaining a clean living environment. 

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