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A chair is a type of furniture that provides seat for one or more people.  Typically, a chair is designed as a separate seat for one person but strong calls for environmental preservations resulted in longer chairs made from relatively easily-grown trees. A chair for more than one person is a couch settee, and a bench.  The term “chair” came from the Old French word “chaiere” which refers a Catholic Bishop’s throne. A chair is usually rectangular or square which has four legs attached on each side. Chairs may have a head, back and armrest. 

Chairs are one of the most ancient forms of furniture. The first chair was believed to have been invented by the third Egyptian Dynasty about 3650-2575 BC. Egyptian chairs did not exceed 25 cm. high. Those chairs were made from wood, metal and ivory and covered with high-class cloth or the best leathers. The design of the legs was mirrored after animal hooves. Also, in their society, a chair signifies status and authority. 

Chairs were not commercially available until the 16th century. During this period, Europeans especially the French and the English started to manufacture chairs made by simply combining pieces of wood as long as the seat is flat. During the 17th century, chair seats were made from cotton and upholstery became better than ever. 17th century was also the time when chairs made from wood have artistic carving which in turn gives the furniture extra face value. 

Chairs maybe constructed by using solid wood. It can also be made from sturdy materials with padded leather. Other materials include Stuffed fabric, metal, molded plastic and stones like marbles.

Chairs are the symbol of relaxation. It should signify comfort above all others. It has to hae all the necessary cushion and support that is needed for the intended need. All chairs offered at are more than just functional. They have added visual appeal. We offer several types of chairs, designed to go well with home and the professional setting. We have armchairs with insulating arm rests. There are ergodynamic models with a comfy head ad back rest. We have arm chairs with wheel base for more mobility. Some models can be more compatible to marble floor tiles; others will be more appropriate for carpeted surface.

We also offer stools that can be adjusted up and down. These are the perfect chairs for your bar and similar establishments. The model units we offer are slick, can compliment your interior design.  Get comfy and simply shop for chairs here at Place your orders now. We have a very flexible return and replacement policy. Shop now on the leading and the most diverse online shopping site in the country.
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