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Car and Travel Gadgets

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Do not leave the house and conquer the Philippine roads without one of these car and travel essentials. Our cars are the extension of our homes. The only thing missing on our cars is the smell that could not be replicated anywhere else. Our cars are also the extension of ourselves. The way we organize, the way we clean can be manifested by how we keep our car in your wanted state.

Cars are our mobile homes and they must be taken care of, after all, it’s the owner that will greatly benefit from it. As much as possible, never travel with a cluttered car space. Use the portable care vacuum units we offer for less here at online shopping Philippines. Use it on hard to reach spots. Keep your car spaces dust free. While you’re at it, you might also consider having a portable trash bin. Most of the units we offer adapted the fish-like form design. They will run on minimum power but packs a strong suction prowess. Some units, generally priced at a higher rate, will have a blower function.

Our cars can also be used as a closet. For on-the-go businesspeople, for celebrities and for feeling celebrities, now offer travel steamers. Keep a clean, polished look even on the road. Our units are compatible with car power ports. They have manageable wire measurements to cover the entire length of most 4WD car units. Our manufacturers recommend using travel clothes steamer while the vehicle is stationary. 

Some of us like uniformity and a single theme.  By changing the designs of the basic dining accessories, they can be deemed as more appropriate for a certain setting. For example, will offer coffee mugs and water containers bearing designs with great resemblance on car parts like wheels, steering wheel and many more.

Everybody should be after safety especially when driving two wheels. will keep your choices open on where to purchase helmets. For our selection, we partnered with Sec and Origine to bring what we believe are the most practical and most affordable helmets. These safeguards have undergone multiple product tests and have been certified by the Trade and Industry Department. Size and design choices are available.

Our strong sense and by virtue of ownership are the things that the anti theft alarm lock will address. Get these plus the Fix it Pro repair set and many more when you create your very own profile. Look for and get the best deals on the best online shopping site in the country.
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