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Perfect moments are meant to be cherished and preserved. One of the best means to enjoy those moments is to reminisce through pictures. Capturing still images and moving footage of our happy moments or any special occasion will not be possible without cameras and video cameras.


Cameras have evolved throughout the years. As these product developed, the human activity of picture-taking has slowly become a hobby. From the inception of the film operated camera, picture taking has become a form of art and a profession. These boxlike devices generally consist of a mechanism having a lightproof enclosure, an aperture with a shuttered lens through which the image of an object is focused and recorded on a photosensitive film, plate, or sensor.

Cameras are not only limited to capturing still images. Due to the amazing product development, cameras can also be used to capture moving objects. As we look back to our history, early images and footage were only black and white. Today, color resolution has greatly improved, in fact, black and white picture options are only used to signify age and add a powerful shade effect. depends on consumer trends, which explains why by browsing our product line-up for the “camera” category, you will only see digital cameras and video cameras. The big advantage of digital cameras is that capturing and printing photos is both inexpensive and fast because professional film processing is no longer needed. In a digital platform, once a picture has been taken, it can be downloaded to a computer system, and then manipulated via computer software program. Some say that film-based cameras deliver the best images resolution, which is true. A digital camera gives a much better and more accurate colors but slowly becomes pixilated when zoomed in multiple times. But, with the introduction of laser printing, images captured through the digital camera are almost as good as the traditional film-based photographs.

Digital cameras are mainly used for taking still photos while the camcorders are used for taking footage. Even though you can have both the features in the same device, a gadget designed for a specific task will always deliver the best results. A digital camera is primarily designed to take photographs; the video capabilities are just an added extra, and usually not at very good quality. A Camcorder on the other hand is specially manufactured for capturing moving images. Capture your perfect moments and enjoy the latest camera offerings here at

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