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Digital cameras may now function as video cameras. They can certainly produce decent footage and some may even feature high definition video recording. Despite these developments, professionals as well as other consumer groups still prefer the usage of video cameras over the amazing DSLR’s when it comes to recording motion and capturing sound.


Technically, DSLRs are on par with video recorders, the best and the most expensive brands have the capacity to record at 720p. However, 720p graphic recording capacity became the standard pixel resolution capacity of video cameras from 15 years ago. These machines have its fair share of innovations and product developments. By modern standards, a good camera or mid-level camcorders must be able to record at 1080p. Standard definition camcorders will capture video at a higher bit rate than a digital still camera.


DSLRs are also inferior when it comes to the zooming option. Standard DSLR lens lets users zoom the subject at about 10- 20x but compared to the standard 30x to 60x zooming capacity of video cameras, DSLRs have a long way to go. Video cameras also give greater magnification quality. Zooming through DSLRs may mean that you may pick up the sound of the zooming action; you won’t have any of that when using standard video cameras such as those present at’s “video camera” product line-up category.


You’ll have more refined audio recording options on camcorders. Some will give you the ability to zoom into the source of a sound itself. Standard camcorders can even capture multi-channel and surround sound audio. Audio monitoring is often missing on DSLR’s. To have better sound recording results, video cameras let the user monitor sounds by adding the ability to listen to what is being recorded through a pair of headphones.


Like digital cameras, camcorders may also record video to flash memory cards. They may also store video to internal hard drives that offer much more recording time like DVDs and Tapes. Like modern machinery, they are designed depending on their function. This explains why Smartphones are produced as rectangular handheld device while digital cameras are designed to accommodate finger operation. 

Video cameras are designed to be held up and steady for longer periods of time. DSLR cameras are not. Camcorders are also equipped with an LCD display, which means more angle options. The presence of LCD screen is also a great tool to monitor the recording process to ensure proper subject focus. Advanced camcorders will let you adjust the field of view, shutter speed and white balance to tweak your image.


Some of the best models of standard video cameras can be found here in Sign up now. Purchase these devices at a discounted price and at a very affordable delivery charge.

Video Camera

Video camera could be a camcorder, a CCTV or webcams . Nowadays video cams are helpful in the society because it can be presented as part of evidence in crimes such as stealing, vandalism and a lot more. offers a wide selection of video cameras for your needs and protection. 
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