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The Horror of Low Battery Life

Have you ever experienced a time when you really need a power source for your mobile phone because you got stuck in a traffic jam or some place without a single outlet? Most people have probably experienced this incredibly frustrating moment! Smartphone is every person’s best friend because it’s a device that stores hundreds of files and gives endless entertainment; a smartphone is an all-in-one gadget so you would not want to see a less than 20% battery life.

Get to know Yoobao Philippines and its Products

Despite real horror of having low battery percentage, there is a brand that can save your smartphone’s battery wherever you are.

Introducing Yoobao Philippines – A brand that produces high-quality powerbanks that will help you and you smartphone in times of need!

This brand provides top notch Yoobao products including chargers and powerbanks but the latter are their main items, because Yoobao powerbanks are durable electronic accessories that assures to accompany your smartphones.

Yoobao powerbanks are compatible with any smartphone and can give your mobile a better battery performance when charged regularly with the brand’s portable battery. These powerbanks save energy consumption and have Protective circuitry that prevents internal and external short circuit caused by overcharging.

Why Choose Yoobao Powerbanks over Other brands?

- Yoobao is a reliable, high-quality and affordable powerbank brand that provides top of the line gadget accessories in Philippines.
- Yoobao powerbanks are compatible with any smartphone and provide fast charging technology that’s suitable for modern era with the busiest people.
- Ensures safety with its Protective Circuity or “Safe Valve” that protects the equipment and the smartphone it charges from internal and external short circuit.
- Saves energy consumption and provides a long, better battery performance to smartphones.
- Yoobao releases sleek, modern and fashionable powerbanks.

Where to Buy Yoobao Products?

It’s hard to find a credible online shop with authentic gadgets and accessories. Most of them claim the originality of their products; truth is, some of those items are fake or class A. Fret not! There are still online shops that sell quality yet affordable Yoobao products and one of them is Goods PH.

The online store showcases new line of gadget accessories in the country including Yoobao! Yoobao products are not just ‘new’, the brand is also one of the best gadget names around the world.

Try Yoobao powerbanks from Goods PH and never experience the horror of low battery again.

To know more about Yoobao products, visit Yoobao's main website.


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